Jump The Bandwagon – Change Lights And See The World Change Greener

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December 31st, 1879 – a day of monumental significance to mankind. The day Thomas Alva Edison invented the electrical bulb which has since then held a glorious history as the only reliable source of artificial light. But its glory days are coming to an end and rightly so. We have to let go of the inefficient incandescent lights and switch over to more energy efficient lights.

Energy inefficient lights mean more power consumption which means more amount of coal being burnt and by default more carbon emissions into the environment. To break this vicious cycle, innovating and adopting new energy efficient lighting systems is necessary.

The benefits of energy efficient lighting are many – it reduces the demand on power systems, it consumes less electricity but reflects more light, it cuts down electricity bills considerably, it has long life, it is Eco friendly, etc. They use 80% less energy than traditional lights to produce the same amount of light, significantly emit less carbon dioxide into the air which is the main cause for climate change. Traditional lighting waste 90% of energy consumed in the form of heat radiation, use only 10% to produce light. Of course emery efficient lighting cost more but lasts very long.

Energy efficient lightens are florescent lights and LED. Florescent lights are very expensive, but highly emery efficient, use 80% less energy than incandescent lights, last 4 -10 longer. They are ideal for living room and kitchen. They produce less heat , so keep the room cool.

They come in two types – CFL and florescent tubes. CFL’s come in different shapes, sizes and colors. They come in cool white for bathroom lighting, white for living room, etc.  LED’s comes in sheets and strips , cost high, last 50 times more than traditional lights, but one drawback is they have low light output.

Energy efficient lighting company are facing up to the challenges of innovating and creating new technology that provides ideal lighting solutions to residential, commercial and industrial applications. They have R and D team to maintain, produce, develop efficient lighting designs that have lasting life, top quality and reduce carbon footprint. Energy efficient lighting companies also make special hazardous lighting solutions as per specifications for oil refineries, etc.

Commercial lighting products have enormous range in designs and applications – from stylish architectural lighting to functional lighting in factory and warehouse to attractive and appealing lighting fixtures for homes, hotels and parks. They can light up any place – office, school, retail, restaurant, hospital, car parks, conference rooms, etc.

Commercial lighting products include LED down lights, fire rated down lights, high bays, flat panels, bulkheads, wall lights, track and spotlights, bollards, flood lights, recess wall and ground lights, lanterns, etc. Commercial lighting products include miniature lamps, area lighting, industrial lighting, hazardous lighting, special purpose lighting – lighting solutions for every place and purpose is available.

Lighting industry is poised on a transitional phase and better and more energy efficient technology is being upgraded to meet the challenges of sustainable energy options.


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