Ring Out Old Incandescent Bulbs, Ring In New CFL’s And LED’s


Edison’s ingenuity gave this world the electrical bulb. The invention of electric bulb is one of the greatest milestones in human history. From darkness to light – electric bulb revolutionized man’s way of life. But the increasing demand on electrical power has placed us in very challenging times. The fallout of this situation is acute power crisis all over the world.

This necessitated innovation of new energy efficient lighting systems. The existing inefficient incandescent bulbs and tubes, its impact on global environment fueled the innovation of lighting’s such as CFL and LED lighting’s which are highly energy efficient and also Eco friendly. . .

A new era has dawned upon the lighting industry with the planned phasing out of the 100 year old tungsten filament incandescent bulb that converted only 5% of electricity consumed as visible light. The halogen light slightly more efficient than the incandescent bulb is also not a great lighting system. Energy efficient lighting systems came into being with the innovation of CFL and LED lighting’s. CFL and LED stand for Energy efficient lights.

CFL uses new technology which involves gas inside a glass tube that when charged glows. CFL’s are available in all shapes and sizes, colors, yellow to pure white. CFL’s are ideal for homes, they do not flicker, last 10 times longer than traditional lights, consume low energy so saves on electricity bills.

The models are easy to fix, last 12000 hours which is 10 times higher than incandescent bulbs. LED’s the most energy efficient of all lighting systems, though a little expensive, will save a lot in electricity consumption, so reduces overall cost. It uses 80% less energy compared to conventional lighting and has the longest life.

Commercial lighting is on the brink of a major transformation. LED’s are increasingly being adopted for commercial lighting and the market drives for this shift is incandescent phase out, falling LED costs, product certification, low energy costs, improved controls, etc. LED’s are reputed for their efficacy, efficiency and long life. Beautiful LED commercial lighting is available for retail to hospitality to industrial spaces.

Commercial lighting includes both indoor and outdoor lighting. Lights for all places – offices, retail, healthcare, institutions, transport, parks, restaurants, schools, gyms, warehouses, and lights of all types -street lights, garage lights, flood lights, track lights, car lights , etc are available.

If the aim is to lower maintenance cost, enhance optics, maximize energy efficiency, ensure natural color rendition, adaptive lighting controls, then induction lighting is the answer. Induction lighting technology is infused with value added innovation, quality management, smart controls and efficient design to improve lighting solution.

It can be used indoor and outdoor. It consumes 50% less wattage compared to conventional lighting, has 100000 hors life comes with manufacturers warranty, retrofits and controls.

Energy efficient lights are the only way and smart way to reduce demand on power generation system and minimize carbon imprint on environment. Adopting simple ways like maximizing day light lighting, using better luminaries and improved controls can go a long way in energy saving.


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