Energy Efficient Lighting: A Need of The Moment


Lighting is powerful and essential to every environment. Whether it is offices, schools, homes, colleges or any other place of human in habitation  life seems to be unmanageable without the presence of light. With the energy crunch and energy shortage that people are facing today, they have turned to some new measures to solve this problem. People are now using energy efficient lighting system to deal with the ever increasing fuel cost and electricity bills.

New and improved methods of reduction of energy consumption have been produced by researchers and scientists to deal with the crisis situation. At present the world is using compact fluorescence lighting or CFLs for their cheap price and energy efficient lighting. With the different types of fixtures and dimmers available in the market it has become easier to cut down on energy consumption and have optimal lighting simultaneously.

Currently there is a wide variety of energy efficient lights available for your house that can not only enhance the aesthetic beauty of your house but also help you save money and energy at the same time. Some common energy efficient lights that are used at home are- fluorescent lamps and incandescent lights.

The fluorescent lights come in different shapes such as tubular or linear and compact fluorescent lamps. These lights are expensive to buy but durable for use besides being energy efficient. Incandescent lights on the hand are cheaper to buy but less durable.

One of the other major ways of solving energy crisis is the LED (Light emitting diode) lighting. It comes in a variety of colors such as green, yellow and red. They use very less electricity to run hence are very cost effective. They also give off less heat making them a good option of lighting in industrial work places.

LED lights are more durable and the annual maintenance cost is also less. Another option for industrial lighting which is cost effective is halogen lights. They give off optimal light with minimal use of electricity.  Fluorescent tubes are also a popular choice of industrial lighting product.

Besides opting for energy efficient lighting system, one can also save energy by selecting the right kind of industrial lighting products.  The different lighting fixtures or lighting products contribute a great deal to the proper or optimal lighting of a place. By choosing the right products for a particular place one can also cut down on the energy consumption.

For instance when lighting for a hazardous site, regular industrial lighting fixtures may or may not be suitable. Whichever lighting system we choose to install in our houses, industry or streets, the fact of the matter is that we should take care to save energy as it has become the need of the hour.


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