Some Uses of Commercial Lighting


Over the years people have witnessed a drastic evolution in the use of lighting system. When light was first invented, to until recently its use was mainly restricted to providing brightness in the dark or when night time falls. But in the recent years, we have witnessed plenty of uses of different lighting systems for commercial lighting.

Commercial lighting can range from lighting of streets to lighting of interior and exterior of buildings or complexes to enhance their beauty as well as visibility to the people.With the advancement of technology, each and every year the uses and benefits of lighting installations have also stretched out.

The energy crisis prevailing in today’s world and the soaring electricity bills have compelled people to find out alternate sources of energy efficient lights. As such there are varied options of energy saving lights available in the market at present. These lights can be used for both private and commercial purposes; but some of them are designed specifically for commercial lighting.

LED Commercial lighting are available in different shapes, sizes and colors  These lighting products are used to highlight various parts of a house’s exterior for enhancing the beauty of the house or for security. Lighting is also very important for clubs and other similar parties. These clubs and discos usually use DJ lighting, which are colorful lights to make the place more happening and fun filled.

Nowadays both the interior and exterior of parties are adorned with different makes of light bulbs, incandescent lights and LED lights. Not only clubs even shopping complexes also light up the exterior of the building as a strategy to draw the attention of the people.

Industrial lighting can also be termed as commercial lighting, where usually LED is used. These lights are very energy efficient and emit less heat which is very helpful in maintaining a cool environment in workshops and other industrial establishments. They can also be focused and operate well in cold environments. Besides LED, halogen and induction lighting is also preferred for industrial lighting purpose. Halogen lights give out glittering white light and they are responsive with motion control sensors.

They also are not affected by temperature changes or environmental conditions. Induction lighting or induction lamps have a longer life span then LED bulbs. They cannot give a dimmer light and hence are often used as flood lights. They also need additional time to warm up in cold environments.

Thus for commercial lighting a host of products are available which can be used to reduce energy consumption. The use of these innovative new products, be it the energy efficient bulbs and lights or the fixtures which enhance the light quality and focus can go a long mile in reducing the consumption of energy.


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