The Need For Energy Efficient Light Systems


Light plays a major role in almost everything we do as without it we will plunge into total darkness but with proper lighting anything can be achieved. Our eyes can see only if there is light since the light falls on different objects and is reflected which falls under our eyesight. Lights also have the unique power to change people’s mood and also the ambiance. This is the reason why lighting is used to enhance aesthetics in important places like hotels, shops, etc. Lighting can be classified into a number of different types according to its use.

Industrial lighting products are designed for maximum illumination and are also energy efficient. The primary function of an industry is to make things and hence light is primarily used for illumination and not for the aesthetic purpose. This type of lighting used for the primary purpose of illumination and hence can be called as general lighting. The industrial lights also needs to handle a lot of workload when compared lights used for domestic purposes since heavy duty work is performed in industries and repairing the lights is time consuming and can cost much.

Sometimes only a particular area is focused and the light is beamed to highlight that area. It could be a statue or a painting which when focused with light shimmers and gives a great view. This light is not enough to illuminate the whole room but is a secondary light to highlight something which looks good or something which is important.

This kind of lighting is commonly known as feature lighting. Lights used in a work place like an industry needs to be energy efficient lighting systems as the industry already uses a heavy load of electricity for its primary functions. Feature lights are also used in an industrial setup since there are places where light needs to be focused to perform important operations in the process.

Energy consumption is also a main criterion while looking out for industrial lighting. Energy crisis is one of the major problems faced today with the growing demand for power. Since most of the electrical power is being generated from non-renewable sources it is important to give energy saving great importance.

We do not know how long the fossil fuels are going to last. Man is trying to find new and cleaner ways to produce energy to be utilized by the people for all their work. This is still a distant dream and till that day comes when a renewable source of fuel is used as a mainline option we need to keep a check on our energy consumption in general. Energy efficient lights are the solution so that energy is used wisely in industries.


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