Why energy efficient lighting needs to be used


Electrical lights are integrated with our daily lives as it is almost impossible to avoid them. Wherever we go we are in the comfort of electrical lights which helps us do our work more efficiently. But too often we forget how power consuming the lights can be.

There is a chain of reactions connected to the energy savings of electrical lights and can have adverse effects accordingly. Energy efficient lighting is now available which can bring down the consumption of power in a tremendous way. Compact fluorescent lamps which are commonly known as CFLs, save a lot of energy compared to ordinary light bulbs and lamps.

The significant feature of CFLs is that it not only consumes less power but also emits much less heat than other bulbs. In a scenario like this, the air conditioning uses less power in places where CFLs are used since there is not much heat emitted from the light sources. It is intelligent saving of energy like this which saves one a lot of money and in a way help sustaining non-renewable sources of energy.

CFLs are not the only energy efficient lighting systems available in today’s market. Light emitting diodes has taken illumination by storm and is used for a variety of purposes. Also known as LEDs, the light emitting diode is by far the most efficient, energy saving and Eco friendly lights.

This is the reason why LEDs are used for a number of different lighting purposes. The first advantage of this light is that it has long life when compared to its counterparts. The amazing longevity of LED lights has made it the most reliable light as statistics show that if an LED light is for around 8 hrs per day, it is said to last up to 20 years on an average!

Energy efficient lighting company looks for lights like this as it can help reduce the power consumption in a tremendous way. LED lights are totally Eco friendly unlike other fluorescent lamps as it does not contain any harmful chemicals in order to illuminate.

The light produced is completely digital and the most safe and it does not emit any ultra violet rays. Lamps are generally delicate to handle and needs proper care if it has to last for a while even though its lifetime may be short when compared to the LEDs.

LEDs are the most durable electrical lighting systems to be found and its parts are rigid unlike other bulbs and lamps. This is the reason these bulbs are able to withstand a lot of rough use and still gives the required output. It will be wise on our part to use energy efficient commercial lighting products which helps us save money and the environment.


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