LED’s and Luminaries: Industrial Lighting Products Offering the Best Energy Efficiency


Be it any industry, all need good, cost effective and of most importance today energy efficient lighting systems in place. There are various components to a lighting system and contrary to general notion light bulbs are not the sole products though it is the most important and widely sought after component. Some of common lighting products are ballasts, emergency lighting, hazardous location fixtures, indoor LED fixtures etc. some of the more specific industrial lighting products are job site lighting, outdoor LED fixtures, task lights and track and recessed lighting fixtures.

In order to have energy efficient lights at your businesses one should be preferential in placing more energy saving light emitting diode (LED) lighting and T5 fluorescent lighting. The LED bulbs are 10 times more durable than compact fluorescent.  They are energy efficient since they use only 2 -17 watts of electricity which is 1/3rd to 1/30th that of conventional lighting. They contribute to energy efficiency by also producing less heat and thereby reducing air conditioning costs. They also come is different styles which you can choose depending on your industrial decor, such as diffused bulbs, dim-able globe LED’s, flood reflector LED’s as well as LED tube lights specially designed to replace the power consuming fluorescent tubes.

2 of the most important components of energy efficient lighting systems are occupancy sensors and daylight sensors.  Although slightly expensive they are your best energy saving commercial lighting products. Occupancy sensors reduce about 30% electricity usage by dimming or switching off lights when a particular cabin is unoccupied. Daylight sensors on the other hand adjust the room lighting according to the amount of natural light coming in which saves a whopping 40% of electricity usage of an organization.

Luminary lighting is one of the most recent advances in creating energy efficient lights.  There are a whole line of luminary industrial lighting products since they fit in a range of ceiling types. They give a lot of brightness and are designed to really blend into the ceilings. Other luminary product lines are more modern since they do not resemble a tube or any other common light bulbs but rather are just lines of light coming from seemingly nowhere and one can even look through them. There are also suspended luminary light fixtures which can really brighten up your conference room or a private office.

In order to have energy efficient lighting systems one should consider installing an automatic key tag system that serves as a master switch to an entire wing of industrial office space. This eliminates the chance of consumption by lights left on unintentionally while closing up.  Also use of products rated highly by the energy star lighting. In addition to all of this periodic maintenance of all lighting fixtures should ensure that you have the most energy efficient lighting systems in use.


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