Is Induction Lighting Energy Efficient Lighting Solution?

images (2)Induction lighting is a type of lighting technology that has been around for many years. With time, many commercial industries and cities have utilized this technology as an energy efficient lighting solution. With the concept of going green bigger now more than ever, many people from all over the world are going to adapt this lighting technology. So how does induction lighting really work?

An induction lamp, like the fluorescent lamp, consists of bulb that has mercury in a gas fill. Mercury is excited to emit UV radiation which is later converted into visible white light. The induction lamp is different from a fluorescent lamp in that, it uses a high frequency generator instead of electrodes to excite the mercury in a gas fill. The electrodes usually degrade overtime which is why fluorescent lamps are known to flicker and fail. The induction lamp offers energy efficient lighting since there are no electrodes and the lamp lasts longer. The induction lamp has a rated life of 7 times longer than the fluorescent lamp.

Other than the long lasting nature of induction lighting, this lighting system is also known for the high quality of light output. Induction lights are very bright which is why they have been used extensively for street lighting applications all over the world. The fact that these lighting systems can last a lifetime and still offer high quality of light is a plus.

Additionally, induction lights have been accepted by many industries because of low maintenance costs. We have already learned that induction lamps can last for a long time which means that the cost of replacing lamps especially in those hard to reach locations is greatly reduced. You will no longer have to hire people to come and replace ballasts and lamps every other time. The fact that induction lamps have a longer lifetime means that you can relax for a long time without spending any money on commercial lighting products.

Other than that, induction lights generate less heat and very little noise. The lamps produce very little heat so they do not end up raising the temperature of the room further when you are running the HVAC unit to keep it cool. This means that you will also reduce on the maintenance and cost of running the HVAC unit. The induction lamps also have a quiet and silent design which makes them perfect for an office setting. The induction lamps do not emit any humming or buzzing sounds which makes them very comfortable commercial lighting products.

Lastly, induction lights are energy efficient lighting systems. They can be used to promote energy saving policies. The fact that these lighting systems can last for a lifetime means that they are environmentally safe. There are other commercial lighting products which you can install to help cut down on energy costs. You will need to conduct some research in order to find out what options you have to cut down electric bills. Make sure you consider induction lights as an efficient and high performance lighting system to reduce utility costs.


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