The Features of Energy Efficient Lighting Systems

Industrial Lighting Products

The high electric bills and concerns over the green environment have brought the focus on both the commercial and domestic use of electricity. There is a high level of wastage on a resource that is in high demand which occasions several shortages. This has led to the need for energy efficient lighting systems. The focus here is in finding the right industrial lighting products that consume less electricity yet provide the same amount of brightness. The search for cost effective lighting is on the rise and to ensure you get the right lights in place then you should consider the following aspects.

First, you should focus on the efficiency of the lighting system. This is both in durability and performance. Energy efficient lights consume less power yet produce the more brightness with other lights at the same power amount. For instance, a Compact Florescent Light bulb of 22 watts has the same brightness as an incandescent bulb of 100 watts. The LED lights are even more energy efficient than the CFLs. As for durability LED bulbs and CFLs have more than ten times the life of incandescent lights. They are thus energy conserving and also serve for longer periods.

The other important aspect of energy efficient lighting systems is cost. In this regard the cost is not just the buying price but the total cost incurred even during performance in the long run. Energy saving bulbs cost higher than the incandescent ones when being purchased. However, they save the amount of electricity consumed greatly lowering the monthly power bills. Their longer life span also ensures you do not have to keep on replacing the bulbs when they burn. The opposite is true for incandescent bulbs as they end up being costly in the long run.

Another important feature of energy saving industrial lighting products is they are non pollutant. They help promote a green environment and thus help in conservation efforts. This is because they lead to the use of less energy which reduces the demand for power hence less use of fossil fuels. They also do not emit poisonous gases into the environment. These gases do not only deplete the ozone layer but also are a health threat. Many are carcinogenic causing life threatening disease over the long run.

There has been a steady shift from incandescent lights to the energy efficient lights. The advantages provided by the energy saving ones are plenty and spill over to the general economy. Electricity bills form one of the highest operational costs for many companies and factories. With an energy efficient system, this cost is greatly reduced enabling the company pass on the benefit to consumers by introducing lower product prices. At homes, the saving on electricity bills allows the families to save and use the money on other essential items. With more saving, families can also have a better standard of living especially in this recession period. Therefore, everyone should take a step and buy the affordable and energy efficient lighting systems.


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