Why Should we be Using Energy Efficient Lighting?

Energy Efficient Lighting Systems

Surveys say that 19% of the electricity is used worldwide for lighting. Palpably the reduction in the amount of electricity used for the lighting can make us more efficient. But considering the fact that our modern society relies on electric lights the most, what next can we do to save the energy and how should we make the artificial lighting more energy efficient. Switching to energy efficient lighting can offer a great opportunity to reduce the carbon footprints and further help you save your electricity bills. Doing more with less energy is the need as it offers the following benefits:

  • Money saving: We all look towards the ways of saving money and one of the best places is to get started with your home only. It can save you hundreds of dollars if you take energy efficient actions every day. According to the energy saving trust an average household can easily save £ 150 to £ 300 per year by installing energy efficient measures. Replacing the traditional bills with your energy efficient products can make a significant difference on your bills.
  • Economy improvement: Apart from helping you save the money at home, commercial lighting products help businesses, city and the federal governments to save on a much larger scale. The bottom line is that it saves money for both consumers and businesses as well.
  • Help to environment: Issues such as green house effect and global warming raised the concern about environment. It is basically caused by the accumulation of excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. One of the ways to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide is to limit our energy consumption. When we use less energy then, cutting down on pollution, we save precious natural resources. From power plants to cars, energy consumption produces emissions that are harmful for the environment.
  • Improvement in national security: lack of energy makes us dependant on the foreign nations to import the same. We do not need to depend on the foreign nations for energy if, we save the resources we have for the next generations as well. Energy efficiency upholds the nation safeguards the nation by lessening the overall demand for energy thereby nullifying the need of importing the fossil fuels eventually.
  • Enhancement in the quality of life: Energy efficiency improves the quality of life indeed. Energy efficient lighting is an option available that helps changing your lighting system to a more energy efficient version.

Summary: By simply switching to the optimum energy efficient products at home and workplace can offer you an improved home comfort and a healthier indoor environment as well.


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