NexstarLighting Commercial Products

In businesses, the lighting systems are used for a particular reason. If it is a case of retail shops, they use the lighting systems that make their products more appealing to customers. In offices, the working environment must be productive for employees, as well as, attractive to new clients. In the big restaurants and tourist hotels, the lighting system should be impressive so more and more customers will attract. If it is a manufacturing industry, the lighting systems installed must be appropriate to provide enough light for the employees. However, adequacy and quality of light depends with the lighting product that is being used. There are varieties of industrial and commercial lighting products and the idea here is to choose the most energy efficient equipment.

Fluorescent Lights
These are the most common used lamps in any lighting setting for a business. They are efficient lamps that not only save energy, but also reduce cost of energy. Most industries and organizations prefer to use fluorescent lamps because they give out adequate light and color temperature. They are also long lasting, and they are readily available in the market. It is required to customize the light in the premises because the fluorescent options come in four set bulbs.

This option is the oldest commercial lighting product. It has been in use for many years, but it has been beaten by the increasing popularity of fluorescent lamps. Many companies still prefer to use this option because it gives a brighter light in cases where it has been used for security purposes. They are inefficient in energy conservation, and also not long lasting compared to fluorescent lamps. However, recently some energy lighting companies have developed improved incandescent lamps that are more efficient and long lasting compared to older ones. They give more natural light compared to other lamps.

Compact Fluorescent
They are also referred to as CFLs. They use similar technology that is used in older fluorescent lamps, and they are relatively smaller and compact. They are relatively cheaper in terms of money as compared to new fluorescent lamps. Currently, many businesses have adopted the lamps because they last longer and more energy efficient than incandescent lamps.

They are outdoor lamps typically used by many big industries. They are more improved than incandescent lamps since they last longer. They are used to provide light in flooding areas and also for security purposes. They give brighter light and more energy than old lamps.

The type of industrial lighting product to choose depends on the need. For commercial area use, especially in the production chambers, the best lighting lamps are the halogens since they provide more light. Halogen lamps are also best suitable for parking areas, outside the business to ensure security is monitored easily. Fluorescent lamps are best fixtures to reduce cost of energy consumption in the offices.


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