Improved lighting for commercial spaces through LED

Lighting comprises a huge portion of any commercial building and business expenditures and thus covers a large part of the total energy bill. According to statistics, around 35 percent of commercial buildings electricity within in US is used solely for lighting. Nevertheless, a suitable system of energy efficient lighting sources along with fixtures-controls that allow healthy energy consumption can give any business better flexibility. Lighting systems responsible for creation of heat along with light and around 18 percent total energy generated by the U.S  along with 4-5 percent is used in removal of the waste heat  that is caused by these lights.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

LED commercial lighting among the best energy efficient lighting systems

When talking of energy-efficient, superior performance and cost effective lighting solutions, it is impossible to continue the discussion without mentioning light emitting diode (LED). Fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, etc. all have been famous and most businesses sure must have tried the erstwhile traditional lighting options. But comparatively, LED offers far better experience as

  • LED is new technology even though it has even around since 1906 but got only famous during the 1960s. Nevertheless, now, Energy Efficient Lighting Company have been employing more LED cost saving lighting means for a variety of purposes such as inbuilt lights for pallets, keypads, switches, mobile phone, heavy-duty commercial lightings, etc.
  • LED is among those industrial lighting products that offers a win-win situation for maintaining stable lighting as well as low electricity bills. It easily cuts energy consumption by 90% and that indeed is a remarkable percentage. Besides, led lights are also cooler, need less electricity which is why they don’t emit much heat.  This makes LED suitable for indoors as well as outdoors for different climates and weathers.

Energy Efficient Lighting Products

  • LED doesn’t need excessive or costly maintenance either and are durable leading to a reduction of almost 70-90 percent in the annual electricity consumption and charges.
  • Offering longer lifespan, LED comes with around 50,000 hours of life this number is 30 times the lifespan number offered by halogen bulbs and five times higher than any high quality fluorescent bulbs. Easily, the former is affordable while the latter end up creating additional charges.
  • LED is also Non-toxic which is why it is considered better than Fluorescent which contains mercury. In commercial lightings, LED works without mercury thus  don’t have there is no risk of health with LED lighting. Besides, buyers need not be worried about the UV and infrared issue with LED fixtures either.
  • Offering high Performance, LED lights work perfectly for residential as well as commercial lightings setups. Designed to be bright, buyers can get tiny LED bulbs installed for optimization of light in a particular space.

Industrial Lighting Products

Commercial areas such as offices, lounges, clubs, malls, warehouses, etc require specific lighting fixtures thus buyers can browse a range of down, strip lights, high bay lights for ensuring improved lighting exposure and convenience.  Furthermore, going for an eco-friendly as well as efficient LED option will be a suitable option.  From 15w LED, to 400w LED lights, buyers can choose from an extensive range of lights.


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