LED Commercial and Industrial Lighting Fixtures for Better Performance and Output

cropped-logo2.gifLED or light emitting diode has proven to be a blessing for the commercial lighting and industrial lighting. These lights are made of LED which comprises of small and solid bulbs. This type of lighting is extremely energy efficient and lasts for a very long time. The operation of the LED lights is quite different from the incandescent bulbs. Not only are these lights more rugged but are also more durable than incandescent lights as well as CFL. LED offers a number of benefits making it perfect for residential as well as commercial lighting. Here are some of the reasons why LED commercial lighting is better than any other type of lighting.

It is much more efficient

One of the biggest reasons why LED has become one of the most popular choices for commercial uses is that it is highly energy efficient. If you would compare it to the incandescent bulbs, you will find that it consumes nearly 90% less energy. Since they use very little power, this is the reason why the industries see a very dramatic reduction in their power bills.

676285087_Lamp8The energy efficient feature makes these lights a much better choice in many applications. For instance, in the remote areas, where there is no power supply, and the reliance is on the solar energy, these lights come very handy. They use little power and thus best used with the solar panels.

LED lights are much more expensive than the incandescent bulbs. However, the money is easily recovered over a small period of time since they are extremely energy efficient.

It has a much longer life span

Another reason why LED is best used with the commercial lighting products is that it has much longer lifespan as compared to incandescent bulbs and even CFLs. The total lifespan of LED is nearly 60,000 hours. Incandescent bulbs are known to last less than 1500 hours. If the LED light is used nonstop it will last for more than 7 years. Since they have such long life this is the reason why they are best for the industrial lighting products. The hassles of maintenance and replacement are minimized.

They are very durable

LED-Light-BulbLED lights are also very durable because they are quite strong and less prone to breakage or damage. These lights do not use the neon gas or filament. They use the semiconductors. The LED light is packed within the enclosure of epoxy resin. Therefore, these lights are way sturdier than the CFL or incandescent light bulbs. These lights also do not use the breakable materials such as filaments or glass, this is why they can easily withstand vibration, and shock. They can even be subjected to extremes of temperature and they will not get damaged.

They are safer

LED lights are safer in many ways. First of all, the heat generation with LED is minimal. Therefore, even after prolonged use you can touch them without feeling the heat. This is why with LED the potential risks of burn and fire are avoided with these lights.


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