Which one is better?? Induction Lights or LED Lights – Pros and Cons

There are so many types of lights available in the market these days that sometimes choosing the right one could get pretty confusing. There are several factors that need to be considered while buying the light. Some of them include the purpose, lighting intensity, power-efficiency, and durability. Induction lighting have been around for a while and the LED lights are relatively new. Many people are torn between the two as both of them have their distinct pros and cons. If you are wondering which of the two you should choose, you may want to look at the objective comparison we have drawn in the following text. It should help you make a better and informed decision.

LED Lights


Here are some of the advantages of buying the LED commercial lights or household lights:

Energy Efficiency:  LED lights are inarguably the most energy efficient lights available in the market today. They could save power many times as compared to the induction lights. This, in turn, saves you a substantial amount of money on the energy bills over a period of time.

Easily available: Perhaps just a few years ago the LED lights were not as popular as the others. However, today they are quite readily available.

Durability: LED lights have proven to be much more durable than all other types of lights. They are also almost unbreakable. They can withstand shocks and vibrations easily.

Low Maintenance:  The other big benefit of these lights is that they require little maintenance. Hence, they provide the hassle free experience.

Dimmable: These lights can be dimmed. If there is a need for low-intensity light, the same fixture provides dim light with the help of a regulator.


Expensive: Led commercial lights do save more money over a period of time but their purchase price is higher than the other lights. Also, the places where the utility of the lights is less they do not payback as much even in the long run.

Low lumen output at heights: When it comes to the applications that are high-bay (usually 24 feet and above) these lights have shown to have lower lumen output.

Heat sensitivity: These lights do not generate heat themselves but the external heat can damage them. Therefore, they need to be heat protected which can cost you more money.

Induction Lights


-They have been around for more than a century and hence they have a proven record of performance.
-They require less wattage as compared to the other lights (but not less than LED)
-Induction lights are also quite cheaper in comparison to the LED lights.
-They are used in a number of applications these days.
-It is not as much heat sensitive as is LED. Therefore, they can also work in the wide range of heat exposure.
-They need very little maintenance and are usually quite durable.


-It could take a while for the light to warm up and generate light to the maximum
-These lights are not dimmable
-Some of them come with the efficiency sensors which tend to reduce the durability.
-Directional control is not easy with them


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